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wig cut and styled+make-up test: yay or nay?


twitta dump

Fight me, Haru!! ♥♥ – a love letter to Nozmo’s Harurin comics



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As I mentioned before, I am going to hold out on actually commenting or analyzing S2 of Free! until the season finishes. Still, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take out the time to analyze something; the other day I jokingly told Nozmo / junjouprince that I should just do a simple lit interpretation of her Harurin comics in the meantime, and somehow that thought stuck with me.

Why not?

I mean, hell, why bother getting an MA if you can’t put those skills into use with something you love? Because that’s exactly what Nozmo’s comics are to me: something that I love because they never fail to make me appreciate the original series even more. And I feel like every once in a while, each artist deserves to be recognized with more than just a press of the Like button; the time Nozmo has taken out to create these things should never be taken for granted, and through this extended love letter I hope to convey just how much I respect the love and enthusiasm she has put into wanting to share them with us.

So. I will discuss both the depictions of younger Rin and Haruka as well as older Rin and Haruka, including characterization and recurring themes between narrative and visuals. My purpose is to illustrate how beautifully Nozmo uses nuance and visual effect to flesh out Rin and Haruka’s relationship, in a way that never overwhelms the original but adds to it instead. My argument is that through the use of stylistic shifts and self-awareness, Nozmo manages to tell multiple narratives in one, particularly celebrating Rin’s personality. At the root of it all, two things distinguish these comics from anything I have read before: humour and intimacy.

Don’t expect straight up critical deconstruction, son. Here’s literally some 3000 words of me explaining why I love Nozmo, if just because I can.

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it sugadai's bday. :]

For Marta – Aokise teen delinquent AU, 3051 words


Title: Unguarded
Chapter: 1/1
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine/Kise
Rating: T (for violence, mostly)
Word count: 3051

Once upon a time sugadai said she would give an arm and a grandma (ok I’m paraphrasing but whatever) for some teenage delinquent aokise AU; just so happens that today is her birthday, so what’s a douchebag duck to do?

(I’ll probably clean this thing up before I ever throw it on ao3, but I also really really really wanted to get this done before work – writing anything has been such an ordeal lately, so I’m sticking to my zone before it runs off. Please excuse any typos etc, I’m already running late.)

Happy birthday kid, you loser.

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Kit Harrington with a cat


dont talk to me about this bird


so i might work with medical records and this maybe possibly kind of happened and i wish i was making this up but i’m not


fashion fake puri w/ @drugsforaddicts as momoi and me as kise

funny how the actual shoot killed all my makeup but these turned out better..

(also writing on your phone is harder than puri booths D:)


"Momocchi and I have parfait dates to talk about how stupid Aominecchi is."
"...But Ki-chan is also kinda stupid."
"W–what!! So mean!!"

impromptu fashion shoot with me as kise and drugsforaddicts as Momoi, photos by gatoraid. my contours died cos it was so fucking hot out URK

purikura pictures later!




I have a daisuga coping mechanism

[it is extremely effective]



A SIDE: tomorrow | i'm not sorry | what difference does it make | 
accept yourself
B SIDE: please please please let me get what i want | i like you | 
he knows i'd love to see him | i want the one i can't have
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By icecreambat:

For Haru’s birthday, I wanted to do a mixtape of the one band/artist I relate to him the most: The Smiths and Morrissey. Why? Because I feel like many of Morrissey’s lyrics somehow capture the listless apathy of Haruka’ character, as well as the hostility; but also, beneath it all, the not-so-subtle longing for the person who never came (and then did). Which is why this also doubles as Rin mix, since the two of them parallel one another so much; if Haru matches Morrissey’s apathy, Rin is a dead ringer for his self-pity. A match made in heaven, in my opinion.

(The cover art I made is dedicated to 80s cut out art and also combines Morrissey’s trademark flower bouquets with the flowers on Haru’s shirt on the Harurin duet CD. I am nothing if not insufferably embarrassing, yo.)

omg hey look it’s my super geeky mix!!!