• still waiting for senpai to notice me
  • hey here’s a very pretty blog of a very pretty person inside out
  • oh here’s another very beautiful person who I also love very much
  • what did you say I miss her? nah (sssh ilyvm)
  • more desperate longing sigh
  • this is full of unrequited love what the fuck
  • duck-a-duck-a-duck-cry (one thing is not like the others) ilu
  • oh hi more people that I love
  • one daaaaay
  1. prideofportree said: ;u;
  2. mikehannigan-moved said: *mmmmmmmmmmwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
  3. legallyblained said: love you tooooooooo x
  4. capitantightpants said: i was gonna be like eXCUSE ME but then i saw your tags and now i’m smiling xxxxxx
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